Fegime Congress 2017

Fegime Congress


“Sharing Success Across Nations” was the slogan of the first FEGIME Congress ever to be held in Poland. From 18th – 20th May over 120 FEGIME wholesalers and over 100 suppliers – in total well over 300 participants from 27 countries – were able to enjoy an informative and entertaining Congress Day and the attractions of the Polish capital in glorious sunshine.

As an organisation of independent family businesses, cooperation, mutual support, networking and the exchange of best practices combine to form the foundation that FEGIME was built on. In recent years this “raison d’être” has been channelled into concrete projects to further the well-being of FEGIME wholesalers. And these projects are thriving. “Sharing Success Across Nations” was the slogan of the 15th Congress in Warsaw and it was chosen with this in mind. The Board of Directors – assisted by representatives of FEGIME National Organisations – presented the topic and illustrated latest developments. And of course there were also updates on the progress of the European Database and the FEGIME Academy.

The Congress covered following topics:

  • Presentation of Fegime Poland;
  • Successful projects of Fegime Spain;
  • Driving new markets by Fegime Norway;
  • Fegi-Media application;
  • Kafkas Institute from Greece for training and development;
  • Energy market trends;
  • Digitization;
  • ZigBee – standardizing communication protocols;

With “Sharing Success Across Nations” the intention is not that the “Haves” should share with the “Have-nots”, or that those who have already had successes, should give to those who have not. As Managing Director, David Garratt, explained: “At FEGIME we believe that sharing – above all the sharing of knowledge, experience, skills and expertise – is the way for us as a group to continue to be successful and to expand.”