FEGIME group brings together independent electrical wholesalers, combining the advantages of the international presence – unified strategies at European level, exchange of information and experience, global contracts with large suppliers, promotional campaigns carried out simultaneously in all countries – with the advantages given by the flexibility, the agility and the high quality services of each member, for the benefit of our clients and our suppliers.

FEGIME operates in 18 European countries and includes over 230 distributors of electrical equipment, with a total sales turnover of 5.4 billion Euro and 10% market share.

In Romania, Fegime has 3 members, Consolight, Levirom and Power Electric, with a total sales turnover of 70 mil. Euro, 12% market share, more than 350 employees and branches in București, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara and Craiova.

FEGIME – Generating Value




We offer a different approach on the market, combining the force of the group with the flexibility and agility of each member wholesaler.

International network

We provide an exchange of information and best practices throughout Europe. We take our family-owned, independent businesses beyond their area of local operation because they are supported by a pan-European organisation.

Know how

We share know-how and best practices through our international network – and we become better.

Guaranteed service

We guarantee that our clients will always get good service from a wholesaler who is rooted locally but has a pan-European organisation to back him up and provide even more.


The FEGIME Group acts as a European business generator. It combines our strengths, our values and our ambitions. It is our belief that the union of our members makes each of them grow stronger and improve their position on the market.


We are geographically close to our clients, so we create close relationships.