Euro Vial Lighting joined Fegime Group in Romania

Euro Vial Lighting s-a alăturat grupului Fegime!

Electrical wholesale company Euro Vial LIghting joined Fegime Group.

Fegime Romania has now five independent companies (Consolight, Electroglobal, Eurovial, Levirom și Power Electric), with a total sales turnover of 150 million EUR and 500 employees.

The Romanian group is part of the international Fegime group, which has 19 national organisations and over 260 members.


Euro Vial Lighting was founded in March 1996 and is a company headquartered in Constanța, with full Romanian private capital, operating in the field of distribution of electrical materials and equipment.

The development and the level reached after almost 3 decades of experience, characterized by teamwork, innovation and the use of the most modern IT technologies, have made Euro Vial Lighting the company able to offer the best solutions, built around the needs of its customers.

Mr. Virgil Lixandru, General Manager of the Euro Vial Lighting said:

”I carefully followed the development of the Fegime group in Romania and I realized that the values shared by the members of this group coincide with the values of our company.

After consulting with my team, we decided to join this group as well. I am convinced that we will actively contribute to the development of the Fegime group in Romania and implicitly to the development of the electrical equipment distribution market.”

The members of the Fegime group voted unanimously, at the General Assembly in March 2023, to include the Euro Vial Lighting in the Romanian group.

”The joining of Euro Vial Lighting to the Fegime group will generate benefits to our customers, to our strategic suppliers of the Fegime group in Romania and to the members of the group, by increasing the added value that the group brings to the electrical equipment distribution market,” said Costin Cuneșteanu, General Manager of the Fegime group in Romania.