Florin Niculae - Președintele Grupului Fegime

At the Shareholder Meeting on 10 June 2021, Florin Niculae took over the presidency of Fegime at international level.

Mr. Florin Niculae is the president of Fegime Romania and member of the Supervisory Board of the international group since June 2019.

At the Shareholder Meeting, Mr. David Garratt, Managing Director of the Fegime group, congratulated Florin Niculae and expressed his conviction that he will contribute significantly to the development of the group in all its strategic directions.


”The election of the President of the Romanian Fegime Organization in the Supervisory Board in 2019 and consequently as President of the international Fegime Group in 2021, confirms the performance achieved by the organization in our country, which had an extraordinary evolution in the last five years.

As chairman, I intend to maintain the leading position of the Fegime Group by contributing to the development of the main strategic directions: digital transformation, adapting our members’ companies to the new market trends, expanding the group by receiving those organizations that meet our standards and preparing the younger generations to carry on the companies of our members.

For the coming year, I will work together with the members of Supervisory Board, Mr Lars Kestner from Denmark and Mrs Hege Amundsen Elvestad from Norway, with Mr David Garratt, the Managing Director of the Fegime group and with all representatives of the National Organizations in order to achieve our goals. ”

About Fegime

19 national organisations with more than 260 independent electrical wholesalers co-operate within the framework of FEGIME: an innovative force in electrical wholesaling. It is our objective to unite the strength of our medium-sized companies – for the benefit of our members, clients and suppliers.

In Romania, Fegime has 4 members, Consolight, Electroglobal, Levirom and Power Electric, with a total sales turnover of 80 mil. Euro, 12% market share, more than 400 employees and branches in all major cities of Romania.